KFC restaurant operated by hearing-impaired staff

Ali Noonari (right), the deaf principal of DRTC, with a DRTC student now employed with KFC.

Hearing-impaired staff undergoing initial culinary training.

KFC tray mat provided with each meal features the hearing-impaired.

Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF), Karachi, Pakistan

Deaf Reach (DRTC), a program of Family Educational Services Foundation, in cooperation with national franchise owners of KFC restaurants, has pioneered a new and exciting frontier in Pakistan. Together they have created branch restaurants that are run 100% by the hearing impaired. All staff members, with the exception of the shift manager, are deaf.

Two such restaurants are now open, and a third branch will open in the near future. This venture provides employment for upwards of 35 deaf young men and women in each location, a total of over 100 jobs, thus significantly improving the quality of life for those employed, as well as their families. The majority of these hearing-impaired young men and women are students of DRTC and Family Educational Services Foundation is very proud of them in their success.

This joint venture continues to enhance the credibility of Family Educational Services Foundation in the deaf community throughout Pakistan. The public recognition of this has also been very positive, and KFC has received wonderful feedback.

Family Educational Services Foundation has also signed the lease on a new DRTC training facility in Lahore; Pakistanís second largest city, allowing an increase in capacity.  

Family Educational Services Foundation offers an impressive array of targeted programming to the disadvantaged and handicapped, as well as to educators and service providers.