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Education Development Programs in Tsunami area

Seminars for teachers, as well as an emotional healing program for tsunami affected children were given.

FSI assisting with the rebuilding of tsunami damaged St. Francis Xavier school in Cuddalore, India.

A large auditorium and new building providing 8 new classrooms has been added to St Francis Xavier school.

Family Services India, Bombay (Mumbai), India

Family Services India (FSI) is involved with an impressive list of ongoing services, and in the wake of last year’s tsunami, the educational development needs of children affected by the tsunami has been a priority.

In an effort to help strengthen educational standards, Family Services India developed and conducts a special seminar for teachers; designed to create the necessary awareness of and sensitivity to the children's emotional needs, as well as an emotional healing program geared to students themselves.

Each of the 35 schools involved thus far also receive textbooks to replace those destroyed, audio-video aids, and notebooks, schoolbags, pencils and other school materials. Where needed, quality fabric has also been distributed to provide new school uniforms.

Brick-and-mortar assistance focused on a prominent school in the tsunami zone, St. Francis Xavier, which had been established more than a decade ago in Cuddalore with the purpose of educating the roughly 1100 children from the 13 surrounding fishing communities.

St. Francis Xavier School was damaged extensively in the tsunami, so FSI assisted with the needed renovations and also provided a new building that added eight new classrooms to the overall facility. Additionally a large auditorium has been constructed which also serves as a community hall.

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