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Your Car Donation Supports Charity Programs

Your donation of a car, boat, truck, SUV, motorcycle or RV to Donate Car to Charity supports charitable projects such as:

INDIA - Polio Operations Free of Charge
Life-changing operations: US $100 per child, limb-lengthening surgery $210.

CHILE - Bridging medical supply & demand
FEDES distributes 10 forty-foot shipping containers of hospital equipment & supplies.

NIGERIA - Free Rural Health Care
Rural Nigerians, unable to afford medical procedures, receive free medical attention.

INDONESIA - Bridging the Digital Divide
Computer training opportunities allow orphans to cross the digital divide.

TSUNAMI - 100% of gifts fund relief efforts
FCF Project Partners on the ground in SE Asia since the day after the tragedy.

INDIA - Education in tsunami area
Educational needs of children affected by the tsunami has been a priority.

PAKISTAN - Hearing impaired employed
First such venture KFC restaurant operated by hearing-impaired staff.

MEXICO - Hygiene Program
Teaching proper hygiene procedures to mothers in San Mateo slums of Mexico City.

AFRICA - AIDS Intervention
Building an environment without stigma that begins by caring for the spirit of the infected.

ZAMBIA - Better Model AIDS Hospice
Nsaka Community Care Center envisaged as a pilot to replicate throughout Zambia.

PHILIPPINES - Nice Smile Dental Clinic
Free dental work for underprivileged children in Cebu, Bohol, Negros and Leyte.

N KOREA - TIME features FCF partner
Tim Peters of Helping Hands Korea, & activist network helping North Korean refugees.

PAKISTAN - Earthquake relief work
Educational needs are of utmost importance to those that survived the quake.

INDONESIA - Aceh Ambulance Service
Free, 24-hour ambulance service established in Aceh, complete with hotline phone.

CHILE - Vocational Training
FEDES Vocational Training program breaking the cycle of poverty.

TANZANIA - Teacher Training
Multi-cultural kindergarten evolves into a teacher training center.